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"You always want to do better than last year "

- Max Verstappen

Introduction to the Championship -

Woolbridge Spring Meeting 2022 Insta post (189).png
Woolbridge Spring Meeting 2022 Insta post (190).png

The Wiscombe Park Hillclimb Championship is sponsored by Tillicoultry Quarries and it is open to regular competitors from all classes.  It has a scoring system which rewards outstanding performance in each class - so the smallest road saloon can compete against the fastest single-seater. 


All events at Wiscombe which are open to 'B licence' holders are included in the Championship - nine in total and the scores for the best six rounds count.


Other championships also include events at Wiscombe and it is possible for a competitor to enter more than one championship at the same time.

The Championship regulations for 2024 are now available - you can download a copy and an entry form here

9 Rounds - best 6 results count

Wiscombe Championship 2024 - Header.jpg

1 James Hudson - VW Golf GTi         27.18 pts 

2 Anthony Wright - Audi A3              26.82 pts 

3 Julian Rinaldi - Ford Fiesta           26.75 pts 

4 Matt Vann - Audi TT                       26.15 pts 

5 Ian Ingleheart - Westfield SE         26.02 pts 

6 Ed Hollier - Force HC                      25.25 pts 

After Round 2

Paul Reynolds - Caterham Hayabusa - Wiscombe Manor Farm 2023 (1).JPG
8W2A2504 44.JPG
8W2A2216 44.JPG

The final round of the eleven round Tillicoultry Quarries Wiscombe Park Championship was held on Sunday 24th September at the Manor Farm event. With the drivers only allowed to count their seven best results, it comes down to very fine margins in the final calculations. During the last 24 hours, our Championship Co-ordinator, George Koopman, has completed the calculations, and we can name our new Champion. 

And it is congratulations to Paul Reynolds! Paul moved in to the Championship lead after the MG Car Club event when he set a new Class C4 Record - 38.54s

In the runner up spot, it is 2022 Champion and a five times winner, Ian Ingleheart, in his Westfield SE. Ian also set a new Class Record in B3 at the MG Car Club event - 39.94s

And into a third place finish, we congratulate Ed Hollier who has had an incredible season in his Force HC. He has set numerous FTD's through the season and set a new Class E1 and ASWMC Record at the MG Car Club event - 35.57s.

It has been another exceptional year of competition at Wiscombe Park, and we say a big “thank you” to all those drivers who have given us so much entertainment in 2023 – more of the same please in 2024! 

A special “thank you”, also, to our series sponsor, Tillicoultry Quarries and Wallace Menzies, and to Championship Co-ordinator, George Koopman. 

Wiscombe Park Tillicoultry Quarries Championship 2023 

  1. Paul Reynolds      Caterham Hayabusa       105.81pts 

  2. Ian Ingleheart       Westfield SE                    104.58pts   

  3. Ed Hollier              Force HC                          104.38pts    

  4. Julian Rinaldi        Ford Fiesta                      104.27pts 

  5. Rod Thorne           Pilbeam MP43                   99.84pts   

  6. Tim Porter             Darrian T90                       99.68pts 

To view the full Championship table, please click on the icon below.

Paul Reynolds - Caterham Hayabusa - Wiscombe Manor Farm 2023 (3).JPG

2023 Wiscombe Park Tillicoultry Quarries Champion - Paul Reynolds

Championship 'Roll of Honour"

2002 M Coles

2003 M Collard

2004 Geoff Mogford

2005 Ed Hollier

2006 James Forysth

2007 Ian Gaskell

2008 Martyn Pike

2009 Jonathan Wright

2010 Mike Lee

2011 Craig Moore

2012 Craig Moore

2013 Mark Shillaber

2014 Mark Shillaber

2015 Ian Ingleheart

2016 Anthony Wright

2017 Ian Ingleheart

2018 Ian Ingleheart

2019 Ian Ingleheart

2020 Jonathan Wright

2021 Rodney Eyles

2022 Ian Ingleheart

2023 Paul Reynolds

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