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The hillclimb course, which is 1000 yards (914 metres) in length, was opened over 60 years ago and runs national and club motorsport events throughout the year.  A typical event sees a wide range of 2, 3 and 4 wheel machinery competing against the clock - always with competition in a friendly spirit.


We are extremely proud of the heritage behind Wiscombe Park and we are grateful to the Chichester family for their continued support in allowing the grounds of Wiscombe Park to be used as one of the countries finest motorsport venues. 


Photo: Fred Wonnacott

Visit Wiscombe Park to enjoy the unique speed and spectacle of a type of motorsport known as 'speed hillclimb'- a race against the clock to the top of the hill.


Events throughout the season bring you the top driver and car combinations from the past and present - including single seater race cars, historic cars and an array of motorcycle machinery on two and three wheels.


Details of all the events in 2021 can be found on the 'Events' page or on our Facebook page.

Wiscombe Park is a superb hillclimb venue situated in a steep wooded valley, just south of Honiton in Devon.

It has a long tradition of providing the finest national / club motorsport and is considered by many people to be the premier venue in the south west.   



Every New Season
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Photo: John Downes


Photo: Tom Gruitt 


Hill Records

The hillclimb course was originally built in 1958 and extended in 1961 - the hill record for the extended course was established by D. G. Addicott in a Lotus at 49.3 secs.  Shortly after the opening of the extended course, Wiscombe Park was selected to host rounds of the British Hillclimb Championship  - and has hosted the Championship every year since 1962.

As cars became lighter and more powerful the outright hill record has tumbled throughout the years and currently stands at 33.13 seconds - set by Wallace Menzies (photo) in July 2019.

Photo: Nigel Cole 

The management of Wiscombe Park as a motorsport venue, is handled by a team of volunteers forming a UK registered company called 'Wiscombe Ltd' - which operates as Wiscombe Park Hillclimb.  The prime role is to ensure the venue is maintained to the highest standards, as required to retain its motorsport licence. 


Wiscombe Ltd prepares the course and its infrastructure for competitors and spectators – whilst local motor clubs and motorcycle associations actually ‘run’ the events at Wiscombe.

Did you know?


"A demanding drivers hill"


"Situated in the picturesque grounds of Wiscombe House, some drivers believe that Wiscombe Park is one of, if not the most challenging hill in the national championship.


Once you have witnessed the drivers fighting their machines through the camber changes of The Esses and then rounding the hairpins at Sawbench and Martini it becomes obvious that this is a 'drivers' hill. A demanding drivers hill" .  


British Automobile Racing Club (BARC)

Wiscombe News (May 2021) -

Wiscombe Park Championship


WISCOMBE PARK Hillclimb Championship Update: 


Its off to a flying start!   

What a fabulous weekend to start the 2021 season - chilly and breezy but bright blue skies and a little bit of sunburn.   Great competition but a few accidents  over the weekend (all drivers ok).  One new class record - well done to Steve Wareham.


The championship results from the first two events of 2021 can be downloaded from the Championship page of the website.

Wiscombe Park - Spectators




Please note that under the guidelines and conditions of the Governments 'COVID Roadmap', the first events of the 2021 season  will sadly be without spectators.


We continue to be optimistic that spectators will be allowed back in to Wiscombe Park this year - but we have to ensure that we comply with all Government guidelines and Motorsport UK regulations.  We also have a duty of care to ensure that any reopening of Wiscombe Park to spectators is sensible and as safe as possible.


We thank you for your patience and understanding.   If you have any questions about spectating at Wiscombe Park then please contact us at wiscombe.hillclimb@gmail.com

Want to have a go?

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Existing competitors - please have a read and give us some feedback on how we can improve this document. 


Email us at wiscombe.hillclimb@gmail.com with all your suggestions - thanks.

At Wiscombe Park we are always trying to encourage new competitors  to sample this unique form of motorsport that Wiscombe regulars all know and love.

We have produced a short introduction to the sport which hopefully takes some of the mystery away from the rules and regulations that we all have to follow. 

Please feel free to download a copy by clicking on the pdf icon -

Acknowledgements -

Thanks to everyone who has given permission to use their photographs and images on this website and also on our social media pages.  Your help and support is very much appreciated. 


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