Marshals - get up close to the action

Although the spectating experience at Wiscombe Park provides you with a first class view and a certain involvement, there is a way to get even closer to the action and be part of the team which delivers the first class motorsport events here at Wiscombe and that is to become a marshal.


The majority of motor sport in this country would not exist if it were not for the volunteer force of marshals and Wiscombe park is no exception. The fact that these individuals are volunteers in no way compromises their skills and expertise but do not let this wealth of experience deter you if you are a 'rookie' marshal or have yet to 'step forward'. At most events the chief marshal ensures that there is a balance of experience on each post so there is usually a mix of experienced marshals working alongside those who are 'learning the ropes'.

Being a marshal does not necessarily require you to take a position on the hill itself as there are other duties within the competitors paddock, in the collecting paddock (at the end of the course) and on the startline.

There will also be the opportunity to attend training courses if you should wish to further your skills and knowledge.

At Wiscombe Park there are a number of motor clubs promoting events. therefore, below we provide the names of the clubs and a link to their websites to enable you to e-mail the Chief Marshal of each event to offer your services or to discuss the role of a marshal further.

Click on the club name below to check out becoming a marshal at their events - 

April 27th/28th 

May 11th


May 18th 

May 19th 

July 27th/28th 

September 7th/8th 

September 14th 

September 15th 

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Your support as a marshal at Wiscombe Park would be very much appreciated - many thanks.