Government restrictions for COVID-19 are slowly easing and motorsport is restarting across the country.


This page defines the approach being taken by Wiscombe Park Hillclimb to ensure we restart in a safe and sensible manner

Guiding Principles for Restarting Motorsport

These 8 guiding principles have been established by Motorsport UK through a rigorous consultation process and are fully aligned with Government guidance.


However, it is recognised that this guidance is not rigid and can be open to some interpretation.  Also note that in the event of a second wave of the virus, the principles may need to be withdrawn or amended.

Our Responsibilities as a Motorsport Venue

As a hillclimb venue our role and our responsibilities are clearly defined by our licensing body - Motorsport UK. 

With regards to COVID-19 precautions our role is to implement and execute all of the Government and Motorsport UK guidelines for Wiscombe Park events.   This involves reviewing and amending all our normal working practices and ensuring we can operate safely and efficiently.

We will continue to work closely with all Motor Clubs and Championship organisers to ensure we can support a safe restart of motorsport at Wiscombe Park.  

Full details of the Motorsport UK Guidelines for all disciplines can be found at -

Community Engagement

Wiscombe Park Hillclimb has a long tradition of working closely with the local community and over the years we have worked together on many local initiatives and charities.  We are very grateful for the support and involvement of the local community. 

If you are a local resident and have any concerns or queries regarding Wiscombe Park restarting motorsport events then please do contact us. 

Please email us at -


We will then put you directly in contact with our nominated safety official who is responsible for all COVID-19 processes and precautions at Wiscombe Park events.   


Competitor Guidelines


As you can imagine, as Government advice changes then the guidelines and advice to motorsport competitors also changes - and at the moment this happens quite frequently.

To ensure you have the latest information please check out the Motorsport UK website on a regular basis.

Full details of the Motorsport UK Guidelines for motorsport competitors  can be found at -  or click on the image.


Spectator  Guidelines

Under the current 'Government Restrictions for COVID-19' spectators are not allowed to attend any UK motorsport event.   The restriction of 'No Spectators' will be rigorously applied by Wiscombe Park Hillclimb and will be enforced by security guards around the venue perimeter.  The motorsport licenses for August and September 2020 are defined as 'closed events' with no licence or insurance for spectators.

We ask that you respect the Government health restrictions and do not try to enter Wiscombe Park until spectator restrictions are lifted.

Once restrictions for spectators are lifted, Wiscombe Park Hillclimb will again provide a first class spectator experience and online tickets will be available through this website.

Marshals'  Guidelines

thanks 4.png

Motorsport UK have issued two key documents giving advice for Marshals -

  • Marshals Guidance under COVID-19

  • Marshals FAQs under COVID-19

Both documents are regularly updated by Motorsport UK and can be found at   

To enquire about Marshalling opportunities please contact the relevant  organising club.   Email addresses can be found on their websites. 

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