Key personnel involved in the organisiation and promotion of Wiscombe Park can be contacted as follows:


Chairman: Colin Pook

01300 320200   E-mail: cep@wiscombepark.co.uk

Managing Director: Peter Isaac

01278 786377   E-mail: pi@wiscombepark.co.uk

Company Secretary: Peter Chantler

01308 423250    E-mail: pc@wiscombepark.co.uk


Financial Director: Mervyn Brake

01305 260124   E-mail: mb@wiscombepark.co.uk

Operations Director: Mike Furse

01308 867914   E-mail: mf@wiscombepark.co.uk

Marketing Director: Geoffrey Pickett

01305 251662   E-mail: grp@wiscombepark.co.uk

Director: Colin Rolls

01258 880778   E-mail: cr@wiscombepark.co.uk

Hill Climb Championship Co-ordinator: Sarah Forsyth

01258 861030   E-mail: sf@wiscombepark.co.uk

Contracts Manager: Carol Foster

01404 861414   E-mail: cf@wiscombepark.co.uk


Wiscombe Ltd   Company Registration Number: 71205

Registered Office: 10 South Street, Bridport, Dorset. DT6 3NJ